"Request for Raw Materials" from "Sales Order"

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Please excuse me, I know I shouldn’t @ you, but it was the only post I found about and it’s closed.

“Request for Raw Materials” from “Sales Orders” it’s not working correctly or at least not how it should do.


Could you please try to replicate?

Create items as follow with “Default Material Request Type” and “Is Purchase Item - NO”:

  1. “Finished Product” - Manufacture
  2. “Item A” - Purchase
  3. “Item B” - Material Transfer
  4. “Item C” - Manufacture
  5. “Item D” - Customer Provided

Create a BOM for “Finished Product” including:

  1. “Item A”
  2. “Item B”
  3. “Item C”
  4. “Item D”

Create a Sales Order with “Finished Product”. Submit and “Create” > “Request for Raw Materials”.

No matter what “Default Material Request Type” was setup at item master, it’s created only one Material Request with purpose “Purchase” and including all items.

It should work just like “Create” > “Material Request” at Production Plan.

What do you think?