[feature request]Tool and Gauge Crib Management

A Tool and a Gauge crib management in a manufacturing Industry is always a part of the Production environment
Tool Crib :
A store room that stores different tools required for the production like
Milling Tools
Turning Tools
Grinding Tools
Drilling Tools
and Other Miscellaneous tools used for day to day production
Usually an employee who is the operator of a particular machine draws tools from the tool crib
his name and the tool details are logged in the tool crib register
additional details like for which project or which part the tool is drawn is also logged
the operator returns the tool after his job is over
the operator issues a breakage slip if the tool is returned in a non usable or damaged condition
while accepting the tool an assessment is made as to weather the tool can be used or should be repaired or to be condemned.
Monitoring of these tools can give an insight of the life of the tool and the tooling cost incurred for a project / part

Gauge Crib
used to manage Measuring Instruments
here again the details of persons drawing the instrument for use and returning it is logged
apart from this, calibration details and condition of the Instruments are also monitored

The above is just my thoughts. It would be really good if Erpnext has this feature
Thanks and Regards

Thanks for this spec perhaps a feature list exists somewhere?