Fields appear greyed out. I think this is by design? How to change

Hi there, first time poster here. I am evaluating ERP next. One thing I find confusing is how the standard input fields appear as grey. Grey is generally the color of disabled fields. So I am finding the screens are just instantly confusing for me.

Is there any way of changing this visual appearance erp-wide?


It’s set it default. please check it.

If you want to set then first create a custom app and then override it. so check the hooks concept.

Thank you, have marked as solution. I can’t try it myself just yet as I am yet to get a local set up of ERP next going

Going forward I would suggest personally that this default is changed as grey fields is really non-standard I don’t know of any other major web app that uses this visual approach?? Check out below how shoelace does it

If it helps the css I ended up going with below. Note I am in learn / try things out mode atm so not saying this css will stand up thru the whole application. Also select boxes remain grey - I am OK with that as they have darker placeholder text and seem to look OK. Anyway CSS is:

    background-color: white;
    border: solid 1px dimgray; 

.input-with-feedback:not([data-fieldtype=Check]):focus {
    background-color: white; 
    box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px hsl(198.6 88.7% 48.4% / 40%);

Gives an appearence like:

Note: the hsl color is the one uses