Fill screen width to show more columns

Can ERPnext be able to make use of the wide monitors that most of us are using nowadays? There is still too much wasted space on left and right side of the screen.

I want to maximise the ERPnext UI screen width so that I can
1. See more content
2. Insert and view more columns in list view.

Is there a toggle to make it really 100% responsive? E.g. Let me set it expand all the way so that I can show more columns?

Picture of idea attached.


As optional mode, I like this idea.

I love that idea. I use two 24" monitors and seeing about 10" of erpnext per screen feels heavily wasted.

This! PLEASE! The UI is better but needs to make use of larger screens as well. As an example, this is a responsive theme that is full width. Packet Theme

This has come up several times, and is something I support, however apparently it’s not possible because we live in a mobile first world and the underlying technology used limits the columns that can be used.

This feature would really be a massive improvement.
What underlying technology are you talking about?
I thought it was based on the bootstrap layout system…
It’s definitely possible there.

@jkeersmaekers Here’s a relevant discussion:

I’m aware that bootstrap can be customized to have more columns however that means ensuring that customisation persist through successive bootstrap updates which must be something they are not too keen on however you will need to have that debate with the devs. It’s so far fallen on deaf ears. I believe I have an open feature request for this.