Show more number of fields in any doctype list page


I want to display employee name, number , designation . email ,and branch on emloyee list page.
but currently it only shows first three.
I have also checked “in list view” for each of above field.

So, How can i do this??

List view shows limited columns due to space restriction.


Is the limit hard coded to certain number of columns? What is the limit?

We use the boostrap grid so its restricted to 12 columns, the main subject takes up 5 i think, other take up 2 / 3.

Btw, you can set the subject automatically

Is this title functionality available for leave application document? I just added a custom field title for Leave Application but it doesn’t display it in the list view. Also when I add a new leave and save it, the title is not showing based on the value I have set but instead it shows employee name on leave application page. In version 3, we could set name, status, employee name, leave type, fiscal year, from date and to date for the list view. This was so helpful. But now we can only display employee name, name, status, and one more field for list view which is useless. I understand for other doc type display more fields may not work but for leave application, these fields has shorter values can be displayed without making the list view cluttered.

Title should be available if you are on the latest version.

What did you set as title?

Which is the file where we could define for the main subject to take (say) 2 columns?

I think this would solve a lot of my problems very quickly. Otherwise you are left with a list that looks very nice until you start using the system and realize you can’t differentiate between the items in the list in a number of places because most of the screen is taken up by empty space (mostly unused space for document title).


I sat the title as {leave_type} to test it out. See below screen shot for how the custom field title is setup for leave application page.

Please help to make this title field work. Thanks.

@mayur_hotmail add it to subject

@gorkas you can add 2 properties like {leave_type} {employee_name}

Sorry but what do you mean by add it to subject?

Sorry for the typo, add it to options

I removed it from default and added it to options but still not working. Is it working in your local environment?

You have to save / insert a new record to see its effect.


I tested it thoroughly by creating a new leave application and saving it. I even checked it after submitting the leave application but it is still not working. Is it working in your local environment?

Any update on above please?

@mayur_hotmail checked. options works in my local

@rmehta did you define this title field (custom field) for Leave Application doctype? Are you able to post the screen shot of how the title field is setup in your local environment for Leave Application? Thanks.

Again, I have tried setting title field for leave application on a fresh install but it doesn’t seem to work. See the screen shot on how I have setup this field. Please help.

Looks like you are using a custom field title. Currently the code doesn’t accept custom field title.

We will have to add title_field in customize form and you will have to set the value as title just like this:

Can you raise a github issue about this?



As per Rushabh’s instruction I added it as a custom field since there is no title field for Leave Application doctype. Can we make sure that we can set multiple fields as title?

As requested, I have created a new issue for this. It is 4177.

On a side note, what does “Search Fields” on “Customize Form” is for? I know it is for search but where does it get used, which part of the system? Thanks.