Filtering Item list on parent Item Group

Hi to all,

I would like to filter the list of Items based on a parent node name or grandparent node name in a multi-level Item-Group tree.

As far as I can see filtering can only be performed on leaf nodes. Is there a work-around or is this and issue to list?



Where you want to filter items based on item-group? Can you please describe in detail.

The issue is in the Item Master list for example.

I have created several sub-item-groups under All-Items—>Raw-Materials, such as ‘Chains’, ‘Clasps’, ‘Beads’, ‘Pendants’ all as child nodes and have set ‘Raw-Materials’ as having child nodes.

If I filter based on item-group and use a child node name, then I get a filtered list. However, if I enter the value “Raw-Materials” hoping to see all subgroup items under Raw-Materials but the filter returns an empty list.

Similar problem in Stock Balance where I would hope to be able to filter on branches of the item-group tree and not only on end nodes.

The only work-around that I see right now is to use an item naming strategy that will support multi level filtering. i.e. “rm-cl-0001” would be for the first item in the group “Raw-Materials---->Clasps”. Using such a strategy would actually eliminate the need for sub-item-groups if they are not required for accounting purposes.

Do you have alternate solutions?


Filter works for only immediate parent item group. It should work for your example, if you type raw materials, it should show all childs of the group.

If it does not work, go to Setup -> Customize Form and select “Item Group” and set parent_item_group value in “Search Fields” property. Then try after clearing cache.

In Stock Balance report it does not work, because that filter is inbuilt feature of slickgrid component and it just try to match values in that particular column.