Final Material Transfer to Manufacture

Dear @umair

Thank you very much for the information shared in your last message.
i tried as suggested by you and all the products transferred through "Material Transfer to Manufacture"is being fetched in the final Manufacture. This was great :wink:

Now the initial material transferred via production order is not being fetched. because we have transferred one entry of “Material transfer to Manufacture” with ref to Production order.
This does not work vice a versa also.

We are looking for a solution where in Material Transferred through BOM entry (say 15 items )
( transferred to WIP ) and directly “Material Transfer to manufacture.” ( Say 10 items ) is captured in the final transfer (say 25 items) to “Manufacture”.


If Material Transfer Entry is not linked to any Production Order, then you won’t be able to pull in the Manufacture Entry made against Production Order. Please ensure that all the Material Transfer entries are linked to Production Order, and not left in isolation, as you won’t be able to reconsider it in the manufacture entry.

Dear @umair

As discussed, please find the procedure that I am following during preparation of Product (Manufacture Journal).
Created a Product: Server PC (group: Product)
Parallely created a project: ServerProject
Then Generated a BOM
BOM name : Server PC
Material added to BOM : Mother Board -1, RAM, SMPS, Cabinet, Fan (SAVED) with Project name as ServerProject. (BOM No. BOM-ServerPC-001) = Saved & Submitted

Then Generated Production Order
Item to Manufacture: Server PC as product name
Qty to Manufacture: 1
BOM No. : BOM-ServerPC-001 (fetched automatically, default)
Source Warehouse: Store Target Warehouse: Finished Goods Work-in-progress: WIP
Project: Server Project
Production order saved and submitted: PRO-00019
After submission of Production order, the new screen displays to “Start” with operation of Production order, screen shot below:

Qty for Material Transfer for Manufacture is entered as 1. (By default). Then we enter “Make”

The new screen appeared is Stock Entry indicating Purpose as “Material Transfer to Manufacture”. This Entry has fetched all the items from the Production Order-PRO-00019. (Below is the screen shot).

This entry is saved and submitted. A stock entry number has been generated as STE-17005646.

Now, we are facing issues from here onwards:

After the production order is submitted like mentioned above, we wish to add items to the manufacture (for example, Pencil, etc.). Then we make a stock entry “Material Transfer for Manufacture with reference to the production order (PRO-00019) and try to transfer the material to Target Warehouse as Work-in-Progress which is not allowed. See the error in the below screen shot.

We are looking for a solution to add all such items with reference to the production order to a manufacture.

I just tried to replicate this issue by creating Production Order, and completing the same by creating transfer and manufacture entry. Error message indicates that you are trasferring Raw-material for the production of 2 qty, whereas Production Order has been created for 1 Qty only. Please check and confirm if that’s the case.

Hi @umair

Yes same case . but once i submitted one Entry of "Material transfer to Manufacture " with ref to production order is done
But when am trying to add more items into through Stock Entry
“Material Transfer to Manufacture” with ref to Production order it gives me an error message. as above screenshot.

How do i club both Entry in to Final Manufacture. ???

Hello Dinesh,

Error message indicates that you have transferred more Raw-material than actually raw-material required for the production of quantity mentioned in the Production Order. Please confirm if that’s the case.

Please provide following screenshots:

  1. Production Order
  2. First Material Transfer entry
  3. Second Material Transfer entry

Ensure all the screenshots cover item quantities of manufacure item.

Also, you can change Manufacturing Setting to backflush items based on Raw-Material Items Actually Transferred.

Hi @umair

Screenshots as below

  1. Production Order

  1. First Material Transfer entry with ref to Production Order

  1. Second Material Transfer entry
    Which is not submitting gives and error message

Error Message Screeemshot

Manufacture Setting . you said

Screenshot of Production Order indicates that all the Raw-materials as per BOM as been transferred already.

In the new Material Transfer entry, since you are entering Production Qty as 1, in total it is becoming 2 qty, hence the validation message. Please try this.

  1. Cancel and Amend the first Material Transfer entry.
  2. Add additional items into it.
  3. Save and Submit.

Dear @umair

You have suggested to cancel and amend the first material transfer entry, but this is not possible at our end as our entry are more than 20-25 entries or even more. In our case, all the material is not issued to the production team in one go. Either we convert the Production order into a final manufacture or transfer all items to WIP and finally at the end convert to manufacture.

Please create Github Issue for this scenario.

can any please look into the above issue


Any updates on this issue? we have the same problem. erpnext version 13.

It has been resolved in v13 !!!


May I ask how?

I am also facing the same error, please suggest how to fix it.