Production Order with BOM

How can i add Multiple BOM in Production Order. ??
how can we issue materials to Manufacturing item ?
i have followed your video of Manufacturing to Order.but you cannot process BOM ?? any other video or any help to this ?

`[quote=“dineshpanchal432, post:1, topic:20404”]
How can i add Multiple BOM in Production Order. ??

Each production order can have single BOM for now. [quote=“dineshpanchal432, post:1, topic:20404”]
how can we issue materials to Manufacturing item ?
When you issue material from Stock Entry check `From BOM

Not sure what you mean by this.

Can you explain use case as well.

Thank you for the update.
I would then like to know, if we can add items directly to the manufacturing journal (main product) from the material transfer to manufacture module.
for example., we have already moved products from a BOM to the main products, however, we might require to add a few more items to the same manufacture. The cost of these items shall also be added to the product cost.
Please let me know how to go ahead with it.

There is not really a good way to do this. The best way would be to transfer parts for manufacture to the Work In Progress warehouse, then add them to the Manufacture stock entry when you finish the final product.

As suggested by you, I have transfered parts to manufacture (work in progress), please see the below screen shot.

Can u please help me to conclude this by preparing a manufacturing (Product).

How do I gather all these transfers to the product.


please do help …?

To use and capture raw-material items which are not part of BOM, do following setting in your Manufacturing Settings.

  1. Manufacture > Manufacturing Settings
  2. Backflush Raw Materials Based On = Materials Transferred for Manufacture

This will allow you to transfer additional raw materials which are not part of BOM.

How can i add Multiple BOM in Production Order. ??


Managing Multi-level BOMs:

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Listed item in image are not part of BOM how can we add these items to the manufacturing journal ?

When you go to your production order and click the Finish button (near top right), the system starts a Stock Entry for you, with all the inputs and outputs of the system listed (Source for inputs is the WIP warehouse, Target for outputs are the final products (one item normally).

If you want to add those extra parts that weren’t originally part of the BOM, add them to this stock entry (Add Row). When you submit, the extra materials that you used will be taken from stock.

The option suggested by you worked. But it is possible only when the items to be entered are 5-10 in number. Since we cannot link multiple BOM in a Production Order. We are looking for a solution for say more than 20-25 items to added to the manufacturing (be it either by BOM or from Material transferred to Manufacure). The cost of all items are to be included in the Product Manufactured.

how do i link multiple BOM in production order ?? all set with this erpnext but we got stuck at the end
Any solution for this pls do help ?

Dear @Ben_Cornwell_Mott

We have transferred a few items to " Work in Progress" through Material transfer to Manufacture with a specified project.

Now, how do we select all the product for the respective project from work-in-progress, transferred to Manufacture while completing the “manufacture”

Kindly suggest.

Have you created entry “Material transfer to Manufacture” against a Production Order? If yes, then creating a manufacture entry against a Production Order will fetch all the Items transferred till now.

ok @umair thank you.
but let me try this and will let you.!

In Production Order when i click on Start Button it asking for "Qut for Material transfer for Manufacture "
as below Screenshot

but is gives Message when input value are more then 1 , screenshot as below

This is a required validation that you cannot create Manufacture Entry for more Quantity than in Production Order itself. However, if you have created Material Transfer Entry against a Production Order, then in the manufacture entry, all the those Raw-materials in WIP will be fetched into Manufacture entry.

Ok Sir,
i will try to do that.
Thank you :slight_smile: