Frappe Books v0.0.4-beta.0 Release 🎊

Good evening ERPNext community,

We have released a new version of Frappe Books! :tada:

What is Frappe Books?

Frappe Books is an accounting app for small-businesses and freelancers.

It is an app for businesses that don’t require the entire suite of features that ERPNext has to offer. Frappe Books instead focuses on and aims to excel at accounting.

What further differentiates Frappe Books from ERPNext is that it is completely free to use and operates as a desktop app as opposed to in the browser.

This means that installing Frappe Books is as easy as installing any other Desktop application. So no painful setup steps.

And like ERPNext, Frappe Books is completely open-source.

On restarting development

The development of Frappe Books fell by the wayside. For around a year and a half due to unforeseen circumstances, it was kept on hold.

Recently, the Frappe team found a volunteer in the team willing to go all-in on Frappe Books.

Since the initial response of Frappe Books was highly positive, we thought it’d be a shame to let it slide.

Hence we restarted its development, and to mark this occasion we released a new
version with a lot of the previously reported issues and bugs ironed out.

Current state

Frappe Books is still in beta, a lot of work needs to be done before we can reach v1.0, but we are persistent, excited, and plan on reaching v1.0 in the next year or so.

If there are any bugs or issues do let us know.

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We are using Github Discussions as a forum for Frappe Books, feel free to start a topic: Discussions Β· frappe/books Β· GitHub