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i want to try to create custom apps from frappe without erpnext , but im confused how i can change the logo at the splash screen and the logo for the home button at the top left?


@bobzz_zone You have to go frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/public/images and replace the logo and splash scree with same name then in bench write bench clear-cache then reload your app to get reflected.

In your custom app’s hooks, add this: erpnext/ at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


@anand thanks that works…
but how to change Home text in top left after login… want to change it to be like ERPNext


How do I remove the splash logo if I’m using Frappe Cloud?

Hi @Kitt_Lee,

There is no option to remove the splash logo in the frappe cloud.
if you hosting on your own server then try this.


Thanks NCP for your reply. I thought Frappe is pushing their Frappe Cloud for a better managed cloud provider but apparently lots of restrictions especially dealing with source codes, compared to self hosting flexibility. Regretfully I will need to suggest to my clients to self host on other cloud providers instead of Frappe Cloud then.

Are you sure about this? I haven’t tested myself, but it looks like just a regular hook, which could implemented as easily on frappe cloud as anywhere else.

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Just create a custom app to house whatever code changes you want? Modifying core code will lead to an unmaintainable mess sooner or later anyway.


Thanks Ankush for your suggestion, can a custom app change the splash logo of the ERPNext app on Frappe Cloud? I’m new to ERPNext and appreciate your guidance. Thanks!

Thanks Peterg for your reply, do you think you can show us any documentation for the hook implementation on Frappe Cloud please?

I haven’t tested it personally, but the link that NCP posted explains what to add to your file. For general info on hooks, see the documentation:

In this case specifically, the splash image is specified as a variable in the website context. There’s a section in there about how the website context works for public facing pages.

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It seems like we’ll need to create a custom app in order to change the file. If we have both ERPNext and custom app on a single site on Frappe Cloud, can the of the custom app change the splash logo of the ERPNext app?

Yes. There’s a cascading effect, based I believe on the order apps get listed in the site_config/apps.txt file. ERPNext overrides Frappe defaults, and your Custom App overrides ERPNext. This works for variables like hooks, but also templates, javascript patches, etc.

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Thanks so much Peterg for your detailed explanation. This helps to gain confidence back on Frappe Cloud especially for beginners like me.

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There are definitely some things you can’t do on Frappe cloud, but I haven’t found much. Over the last few versions especially, the app architecture has gotten really robust. We used to maintain a lot of customized core code, but over the past year or two we’ve been able to move nearly everything over to either server scripts or hooks. Anyway, your mileage may vary of course, but glad at least this part should work for you.

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