Funding campaign - Feature Request - Sub Warehouses #1008

please see below, this is just a dummy because I couldn’t create the topic with links below directly

update: !

just saw that this topic has more then 1100 views … folks, how is it possible is possible, that we do not have our funds together yet?

Just everybody give a dime on the bountysource campain and we are through with that in seconds

there is an open issue for development of sub-warehouses on Feature Request - Sub Warehouses · Issue #1008 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub on a warehouse level as well down to racks, shelves or even bins.

2 parties (@cgpurbaugh and someone who apparently has not profile on this forum) have already shown commitment to put some money on the development .

@rmehta mentioned $500 to be required to code this in the discussion of that issue

in order to get this going I have started a funding campaign on bountysource and put an initial bounty on it.

I think many user might benefit from such a functionality because it enables you to actually organize the location of items much more precise then possible. Also it might help with workarounds for companies with various branches. So anybody, please feel free to check the campaign and put some money (no matter how small) on this matter.

I’d like to build this feature. Will start today and hope to finish in a week maybe.
Free of charge.


@mikhail.s great! Do you have setup a github repository already? Just out of curiosity and to understand workflows in general a little better …

… this probably is not an independent App and the code you will be writing will become part of, so unassumingly you’ll fork erpnext and work on a new branch which (once it’s ready) will be merged into the main codebase … right?

Hi Folks, we are currently speaking to a customer for the similar solution. Customer is in warehousing and wants automation. If our negotiations go through you can rely on financial support for this task. I cant comment how much till we finalise pricing but surely our firm will contribute if the deal goes through.

Hope to hear good news



@Muzzy that’s great news. do you have a functional description in place already? Some things that come to my mind would be:

  1. we should think in terms of hierarchically stacked ‘locations’ (no matter whether that’s a warehouse, a shelf, a bin, etc… whose place inside such hierarchy is defined by it’s ‘parent’ location. The ‘mother’ warehouse itself wouldn’t have any ‘parent’ so having a ‘parent’ or not is something to be chosen rather then mandatory.
  2. location type’ might be a value that has to be set (and the type should be something that can be defined) by the user. I guess warehouse might be the default value
  3. Virtual locations should be possible. For example someone sends goods from A to be … they can be in a virtual location (the truck) temporarily. Another usecase for a virtual location might be when raw materials are being used to manufacture something else and during that time they are in the ‘virtual’ location of the production hall
  4. being able to assign an postal address to a warehouse would be useful for anyone who deals with actually various location or even branches of a company. If such an address feature is going to be implemented it’s default value should be “as parent”. Only if that is not marked it’ll be possible to add a specific address.

@vrms yeah, i was going to do exactly what you’ve described!


Hi, everybody. It’s really great to know that the sub warehouses feature seems to be implemented. My company is willing to contribute with $100, so probably it will help the project.

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@strixaluco great to hear that. please put those here Bountysource

It’s pretty straight forward. In case you need any assistance with handling bountysource let me know. I’ll try to assist

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Hope that Bountysource’s conditions will suit my management. Will put the bounty as we settle things up here.

@strixaluco I initiated this bounty here, but have never used it before myself. It was mentioned here on this forum by the ppl from ERPNext in several posts, so that’s why I jumped on it to give it a try. Here some links that could help to educate your people

what I do not have any idea about yet is how (and if) you can get an invoice for posting something on bountysource. I shot them an email about that and will report the response back here

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Thank you, @vrms. Reply from Bountysource regarding invoice would be also useful.

Hi @vrms my colleague @fkardame was not able to meet the client this seek. Hopefully next week he may meet and update on the process flow and requirement,

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@muzzy hurry up! @mikhail.s might be ready by then

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Hey guys.
Just to keep you informed on the task status - i am yet quite unfamiliar with the frappy framework, so the task is taking me longer than i expected, but i’m working on it. Really hope to finish by the next week.


no worries, let us know whether we can help in any way

Hi @vrms
I’m still very new to the Frappe framework. Can you give me a few tips please, i’m kinda blocked trying to see the whole picture…
I’ve created a subwarehouse python module at erpnext/stock/doctype/subwarehouse, with:

  1. a table declaration in subwarehouse.json with just a few simple fields like subwarehouse_name(Data), warehouse(Link), location(Data) and so on;
  2. a yet empy class class SubWarehouse(Document): pass in

And what should be my next step? Maybe i’m missing some docs…

@mikhail.s sorry if I (by offering help) gave the false impression I knew the technicalities.
My coding capabilities unfortunately do not go beyond writing a ‘hello world’ program in python.

Maybe it would be an idea to publish your repository? I could imagine @anand @nabinhait @max_morais_dmm @ccfiel @shraddha @kolate_sambhaji (Community members that come to mind from their activity in this forum) might be able to help.

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@mikhail.s have a look at:

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Thanks for the links. My curent no.1 problem is that i dont understand why i cant see the created doctype “SubWarehouse” anywhere on the website. And if i create it via web GUI, it is showing in some places, but it’s not present in the code, so i dont know how to edit it actually.