Generate report with images

Please can someone help direct on how we could build a report that will output employee images for example; so we may have a few details with the image on the right, and next row with another employee and so forth. Any help will be appreciated; if this is also a tedious and premium feature, we will be willing to pay.

Hi @noetico. Please take a look at this thread for reference :slight_smile:

Also, if you want someone to work it out for you, you can post a job request here:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

You can add the image using maybe putty first for see where you’re saving the folder with images, then you can add mounting your drive, or you can use filezilla or some software you wanted, then just drop the image on the folder, I can help you with that.

Hi, I’ve been trying to build a query report with images and found this to be the working method:

 CONCAT("<img src=",`tabSales Order Item`.image,">") as "Image::100",

Replace ‘tabSales Order Item’ with the Doctype you want, and the images will be displayed both in report view and when printing. It is of course helpful to have a custom print format to get the images to the exact size you want.
You can try to use a similar method inside html print format, just wrap the {{item.image or “”}} inside an img tag.

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