Generic Editor/DataType for Selecting Multiple Rows from another DocType

Hi All,

Refer to my earlier post here.

Use case:
A custom doctype has a field that requires selection of one or more rows from another doctype e.g. the field may require a user to select one or more rows from ‘Industry Type’ doctype. Similarly refer to selection of Roles and Modules in User doctype.

Current usage:
One has to create a child table where the user can add/remove rows OR pre-populate the child table with all rows from the other doctype (which must have two fields - text and checkbox) and then later evaluate which ones have been selected.

It would be much more intuitive for a user to check/uncheck (using checkboxes) rather than add/remove rows from a child table.

It my not be trivial but could we have a generic ‘editor’ such as ‘RoleEditor’ in User doctype which can be reused to achieve this? I can see many scenarios where this would be a good UX.


Please share the design and proposed budget for the same. Perhaps someone might do it on priority for you, if it is generic and sponsored.