Presenting Variable Check Fields (Like Roles in User DocType)

Hello All,

I have a custom doc type. I wish to present choices ih the form of an array of check boxes that are derived from another doctype’s data. Case in point: The way roles are presented in the User doctype. The check boxes correspond to data derived from the Role doctype.

My custom doctype should appear like:

Where data is derived from another doctype like:

Any help or pointers is much appreciated


This link might helpful.

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Many thanks Bhavik.

This means I have to create an ‘editor’ for my doctype then create an instance where I need it. From the User doctype I can see the data type is html. Can this be achieved in the front end or do I really need a js file? I really didn’t want to go to the backend.


not need separate js. you can within doctype js else you can use custom script for front - end purpose,.

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I see. I’ve been trying this without success. I know you are really busy but do you mind demonstrating. Thanks.