German SKR04 Chart of accounts - varchar Fields too short

Im trying to implement Germasn SKR04 Chart of Accounts in erpnext.

The Problem is that the names of the accounts ins skr04 are longer than 140 Chars.


“9010 Abgang von Wirtschaftsg\u00fctern des Umlaufverm. 100% / 50% nicht abzugsf\u00e4hig (inlandische Kap. Ges.) nach \u00a7 4 Abs. 3 Satz 4 EStG”


6834 Vergütungen an Mitunternehmer für die miet- oder pachtweise Überlassung ihrer beweglichen Wirtschaftsgüter § 15 EStG (mit Sonderbetriebseinnahme korrespondierend)


4335 Erlöse aus Lieferungen von Mobilfunkgeräten,Tablet-Computern, Spielekonsolen und integrierten Schaltkreisen, für die der Leistungsempfänger die Umsatzsteuer nach § 13b UStG schuldet

I tried with abbreviations, but even that it is hard to keep under 140 characters und be still readable.
And as the Company short name is added it even gets harder.

I set the varchar length in mysql to 255, but in around line 464 there is a check witch still uses the 140 chars from before, so i thin it is in some extra table odr fiel.

How can i expand the varchar in the checks? (All 4 fields which are refereenced)?

You can set length of a field from Setup → Customize Form.

@peter.roth let us know if you were able to do this.

Also will be great if you can verify if this is correct

I was able to increase the size of the necessary fields.

I am actually working on SKR04 from 2015.

As soon as i am done i will post a link so you can include it, if wanted.
As it actually contains 1800 Accounts it will take some time as i want to verify if the balance sheet reports will conform to german law.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Peter,

are you done with the SKR04 ? Could share it with us?

Hi Peter,

how do you implement this I mean in terms of defining the Soll und haben per account? a json file as well?
I´m not an accountant so I´m interested as I want to do the same for SK03


Hey SPA,

maybe you can start here with SKR03: erpnext/de_l10n_de_chart_template.json at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi Spa,

did you managed it?


Hi Meisterkleister,

…no sorry had a loong sick leave - still recovering and slowly getting back into things
I ll have a look at it when I cought up with my desk

Now you can contribute the chart of accounts for your country via Contribute Chart of Accounts for your country

We came across the same issue when importing/activating SKR04. We were always wondering why we would be able to create some companies with SKR04 and with others we couldn’t although the only thing we changed was the abbreviation of that company. It would just not work an say “time out” in the console (bench) on the UI it would just not create and not save. After importing SKR04 step by step we could later narrow down the problem. Best would probably be to rise the char count inside all fields in the account DocType.