Get all payment entries of customer through custom button

I want to add a custom button in the customer doctype so that I can get all the payment entries list of that customer how can I do it with the help of client script?

Why not try Ledger Entries? The button to ledger entries is already there in customer doctype.


Simply click on the “Payment Entries” in the connections section of the customer doctype and all the payment entries pertaining to that customer will be filtered and displayed to you.

However, the best practice is to look at ledger entries, because there could be not just payments, there could be payments booked via journal entries and also credit memos against a customer. The ledger entries will display all the entries date-wise. You can also filter “Payment Entries” from ledger entries report.

Thank you,Can you tell me where is the logic of payment entry button in backend?

Any idea about this question??

Hi @Runway,

Maybe it helps you.

Thank You!

But I want to see the coding of the payment entry button which comes in the customer document, how can I see it? I also saw that in customer doctype action it doesn’t show any action.

Enyone know about this my question?