[HELP] How to Customize (hide) "+" add button in section Connection (Linked Documents)

Hello guys,

I wonder how I can customize form on section Connection with specific linked document? I know how to add connection via edit doctype in section Linked Documents, but my question are:

  • How to customize the button in connection could not add New like Quotation doctype in Sales Order #1 screen shot. So the connection only route to document that related to sales order (screenshot #2).



  • Second, like Delivery Note when document has create or submitted, cannot create another documents.

Thank you.

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I am also looking for help on this. Can anybody please advise?

Hii @Hamid_Rasyid and @philippm,

Please prefer document: Actions and Links


@NCP i checked all the previous links but my question is that i want to custom employee dashboard to do what i want but that is wrong i have never change the erpnext app files what i should do??

i could not find the employee_dashboard.py to edit it ?