Get currency exchange from Diferent sources and Allow Variations


Is there a way to create a method to obtain currency rates (Ex.: 1 USD = 28 NIO), from diferent sources like Yahoo Finances and from our national bank url?

So far what I’ve seen on the currency exchange form in Erpnext v7 is that I am able to just post one currency at a time, but It would be a good feature to have the option to fill up on a table the fluctuation currency per day and use the day’s currency for transactions.

I was looking for a way to modify the form but no success. I was thinking in having two options:

1 - Use not fluctuating currency:
From Currency = USD
To Currency = NIO
Rate (1 USD = ? NIO) = 28

System will use RATE, so there is not problem with regular operations.

2 Use fluctuating currency per day or month (if it change constantly):
From Currency = USD
To Currency = NIO

On a table have the following information

Row #1:
Date = 2016-09-01 (Year-Month-Day)
Rate (1 USD = ? NIO) = 28

Row #2:
Date = 2016-09-02 (Year-Month-Day)
Rate (1 USD = ? NIO) = 28.1

Row #3:
Date = 2016-09-03 (Year-Month-Day)
Rate (1 USD = ? NIO) = 28.2

The system will use the actual RATE on the day of the working operations.

The other option would be to have a way to obtain the rate exchange from different sources, ex: Yahoo Finances, Google and from any country’s national bank.

Do you know if there is a way to accomplish such task easyly from ERPNEXT or by coding?

Hi Team, All,

This makes a lot of sense. Could be implemented by creating an Exchange Rate doctype that can be maintained by Finance/Treasury user. Fields will be:

From Date - If this date is the most recent date before the posting date, then pick this line for the rate to apply
From Currency -
To Currency

Example Below:

Using the table above, if the posting date of a USD document in a company with company currency NGN is the 23/08/2016, the system will select the exchange rate of 280.

If this is of interest, I can push a pull request.


Hi @Chude_Osiegbu

I am one of many that have a lot of interest on this kind of feature. This is a most.

One example of the Doctype would be:

Hi Team, All,

See the following pull request Proposal: Updates to Currency Exchange DocType and Exchange Rate Determination by manqala · Pull Request #6287 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub for an implementation of the ability to maintain exchange rates by key date so that the appropriate exchange rate on any posting date can be picket by ERPNext.

Glad to have your comments.


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Sorry for long delay. I’ll be checking your pull and suggest comments if needed. Thanks


Great job, there are also some points to consider:

  • Import/Export from CVS format the exchange rate.
  • A basic window to show just the actual rate,currency rate and ToCurrency information. If customer need more info, click on that window and provide with the all the record as posted on pull.


I guess we all are on the same boat. Could anyone please explain what are the initial steps to start with getting exchange rates from a national bank?

I was also referring the below thread, but not sure how to achieve this.
Exchange Rate auto update - #2 by rmehta.

None so far.