Get Employee Total Working Hours (Missing)

hi everyone, where the “working hours” variable come from?

is it from Employee Check in?


You can see the working hours from the attendance logs. Go to Attendance → Report builder → Pick columns & save. Kindly check the screenshot below:


Thanks Reema for the answer, yes i can find WH there, but the amount is 0, even though i already set the shift type (8:00-17:00)…

actually i want to use WH variable to do Formulate in Salary Component…

Have you found a solution. Working hours show 0 in my report to. I want to use working_hours to create a salary component formula.

Thank you!

Working hours is calculated automatically by the system when using auto attendance using the Shift Type > Shift Assignment > Employee Checkin > Attendance flow.

This topic needs an actual response please. Attendance is reporting 0 working hours for all employees it marks via auto attendance. Shifts are set, auto attendance is working, working hours are showing as 0. The information that this value is calculated automatically does not help solve the issue, as there is a problem with it reporting 0 working hours when that isn’t the correct value.

Hope this might help some one here