GST Invoice/ CN/ DN Print Format


The standard print format of sales Invoice/ CN/ DN are still as older in ERPNext.!!
As per the Govt of India’s GST council Recommendation, the new format has been published.
still we couldn’t find the new print formats available in ERPNext. (only change is HSN code is available in Inv Print Format )

i believe it is a mandatory thing, and ERPNext already enabled GST, why this is still pending.

the below mentioned link helps for understanding therules for GST Invoices.

and attaching the invoice format and a sample.

Kindly note the issue, and give solution for the same, because, we are expecting more from you!!!


The format of the invoice is not mandatory only the necessary mandatory fields must be present in the Print Format which has already been updated in the latest version of Erpnext.

But CN / DN are still the old ones, but that should not be a compliance issue as you only need to supply
> // credit_debit_note
> {
> “type”:“credit_debit_note”,
> “rows”:[{
> “note_type”:“credit”,
> “customer_gstin”:“”,
> “e-commerce_gstin”:“”,
> “reason_for_issuing”:“”,
> “note_number”:“”,
> “note_date”:“”,
> “invoice_number”:“”,
> “invoice_date”:“”,
> “total_value”:“”,
> “cgst_rate”:“2.5%”,
> “sgst_rate”:“2.5%”,
> “igst_rate”:“0%”,
> “cess_rate”:“0%”
> }
> ]
> }

Just a rule of thumb for GST ready print formats

  1. Show item wise taxation
  2. Show GSTIN of both the buyer and the seller
  3. HSN Code for items
  4. Tax breakup

All the mentioned things are already taken care of in the latest erpnext update.

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As we receive export incentives against each exports made. So how do we do payment entry in erpnext?

Which we will be account head in chart of accounts and how will we make erpnext payment entry for incentive received from CBEC Ice gate.

Can someone please guide?