Gst sales invoice and tax template


When we are creating a sales invoice, we have to specifically select whether its a In-State or Out-State.

In case we specify the shipping address of the client (where we have the city and state specified), from this information can we directly/automatically select which template should be applied?

Also from the discussion in GST Invoice/ CN/ DN Print Format
it would be great if we can have sales invoice in the mentioned format.

I request for this since that would bring parity between the current print out and government recemendations

For now this is not configurable where the the template selection is automated.

We are working on the same. Please refer

Hope this helps.

Thanks @ArundhatiS

so that means erpnext will follow the tally format (which is simplified version of government directive)

Also what do you think about having the automated Tax template selection as mentioned aboveā€¦