Has any of you implemented a Business Intelligence solution with ERPNext?

Hello Users,

We have started recently to engage with the ERPNext community and would like to hear from the group whether any one has implemented a Business Intelligence solution utilizing the ERPNext transactional data. We are talking about the generic business intelligence solution which provides you (the business users) with basic dashboarding and adhoc reporting capabilities using a simple drag and drop user interface. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Intelligence .

If you have implemented or tried to implement one, please share your experience in doing the same. If you are planning to implement one then please do share what is the end goal you are trying to achieve by implementing a BI/Analytical solution.


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Did you get any feedback/progress on this?

We had integrated ERPNext database with Zepelin, there are many other open source BI tools also available that you can use to connect to ERPNext database



Hello Pawan :slight_smile:

How did you connect Zeppelin to Mariadb?

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Here are a couple of more links for metabase with ERPNext


You can bind mysql interpreter to your notebook, you can check the link here

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These are such excellent guides. Thank you so much @Not_a_countant !

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