Health Insurance Claims

Is there any way in ERPNext to claim payments from a health insurance provider on behalf of a patient, and if the claim is rejected to direct the charge back to the patient, or the person (e.g. patient’s parent) who is responsible for payment?

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Thanks for posting, but at the moment Insurance is not supported. We are adding Patient insurance claims and will be available soon.

To manage payments by a single Customer, you can select the same Customer for multiple Patients, so the Sales Invoice will be booked against the linked Customer

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Thanks! That sounds like it would work, having multiple patients per customer.

any update on Patient insurance claims?

This is under development, please follow this PR


This PR is closed. Can we expect this in v13?

Insurance PR can be tracked here.

Most probably this won’t be backported in V13.

@ChillarAnand and @akurungadam , We are tracking this PR for a year and are willing to contribute to the complete test as well as development related to this PR. There is no progress since months so we want to know what is pending yet in development except tests. If you can list out or point us to pending to-do, we can proceed with the development as well as testing.

It’s a bit bulky, we are separating some of the features and coming up with separate pull requests. No use cases yet, hence didn’t quite prioritise it. Will take this up, meanwhile if you have got a chance to try that branch please post your feedback, that’ll really help

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Hi, was there any futher work done on this module? any one with information please advise

@akurungadam , could you please provide the estimated date for the Insurance Claim Process Flow? Also, kindly update us on any issues you may be encountering with this PR. If there are any challenges, please inform us, and we will assist you in completing the process.