Multiple Patients linked to One Customer

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There may be a need to clarify, both in principle and in code, the nature of the relationship between Patient and Customer objects. Currently, one is able to select the same Customer in multiple Patient objects; this many-to-one relationship decouples the financial entity (Customer) and the medical (Patient), and supports requirements by other users, for example, Health Insurance Claims.

Currently, adding a new Patient creates a new Customer if Healthcare > Healthcare Settings > Link Customer To Patient is enabled. As expected, a new Customer is not created with a new Patient if this settings is disabled. Subsequently, an existing Customer can be manually added to the Patient object. So far so good.

However, data from the new Patient’s on_update class method currently updates the existing Customer every time any Patient linked to the Customer is saved, which perhaps does not support the many-to-one Patient-Customer relationship.

Code from: erpnext/ at version-13 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

class Patient(Document):
	def on_update(self):
		if self.customer:
			customer = frappe.get_doc('Customer', self.customer)
			if self.customer_group:
				customer.customer_group = self.customer_group
			if self.territory:
				customer.territory = self.territory

			customer.customer_name = self.patient_name
			customer.default_price_list = self.default_price_list
			customer.default_currency = self.default_currency
			customer.language = self.language
			customer.ignore_mandatory = True
			if frappe.db.get_single_value('Healthcare Settings', 'link_customer_to_patient'):

Should this behaviour only apply globally when the setting Healthcare > Healthcare Settings > Link Customer To Patient is enabled?

Other options might include object-level control such as an update_customer_on_save boolean attribute in every Patient object or an update_customer Patient class method linked to an ‘Update Customer’ button on the Patient page. Both options could include validation to prevent the update of Customer objects linked to more than one Patient objects.

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Hello and welcome!

This looks like an escape, we should update the linked Customer only if Link Customer to Patient is turned on. Thanks for posting, will fix this.


@akurungadam has pushed a fix for this fix(healthcare): update linked Customer by akurungadam · Pull Request #25921 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub