Healthcare problem billing lab test and Medication during creation of a sales invoice

I am working on creating sales invoices for lab tests, and I’ve encountered a problem. When I request a prescription, it retrieves the item from the encounter. However, when I want to select the lab test, my only option is healtcare service and it brings all the labtest make it impossible to select the right lab for the cashier . How can I resolve this issue so that the lab test information is correctly retrieved like medicine ?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Afaik Get Items from > Healthcare Services only fetches the Lab Tests prescribed for the Patient. Please create a GitHub issue with details if that’s not the case.

Also, if the billing is done beforehand, you have an option to invoice Lab Test linked Items and the system will create s
Sample Collection (if enabled) and then Observation records against the tests. I presume your setup is version 15