Help Category, HTTP status 404

I visited the website page “Help Category”, bug got a http 404 page.

Can someone help me?

Same problem here.

Just using the framework, the help category doesn’t show when clicking “See on website”, instead the usual “404 comic guy” appears.

The category does have an article which can be accessed.

Just the category in itself cannot,

  • neither from the link supplied on Desk
  • nor from the link supplied in the help articles and which should display other help articles of the same category on the help category page.

So this clearly still is a bug.

It seems to be similar to this forum entry:

The route should be starting with kb, not help. In the OP example, that route would be kb/bangbang/a1 instead of help/bangbang/a1 (assuming the category is named bangbang and the article is named a1). Also, you don’t need to specify the routes manually, they will be filled in for you when you create the category or article.

Well, I didn’t do anything special.
If I did understand correctly, the route fields are there purely to have a nice self-chosen, human-readable URL, so no matter what you put there, it should be fine.
They appear as entered when clicking on “See on Website” for the category as well as for the article, so no surprise here.
For the article the URL (with category and then article routing name) work just fine.
The only surprise is that the category itself has no content but the 404 comic guy page, no matter if clicking the Desk link to the category or on a article web page link to the category.