Help Needed: Country wise Chart of Accounts

I have worked in the template of the chart of account, I open the merge request.I really don´t like to use the Odoo chart of account, so the template is made from scrath with a mix of Taxes (from Nicaragua) and IFRS for SMES requeriements.

So the template, could be usefull to other one who want to improbe the template chart of account, at lest for countries in Latin America.

This is to improve the Chart of Accounts for countries, I am already translating to spanish in the translator portal and testing the V5 preview, there is any other way to help to improbe the final user experience?

Are you adding also the accounting of Germany? Here is the SKR03 based:

Well, yes i saw it here:


SKR03 is not final yet, we could not identify all the root_type and required account_type property. Can you please help us to identify those? Thanks in advance.

Hi Nabin,

I’ll take a look from Colombia’s (CO) localization, however before start I have a question (i’m not accountant).

In the Colombian Chart of Accounts (and suppose that in other countries too) every account has an identification code, ex.

1 ACTIVOS (Asset)
1105 CAJA

Here, this code is as, or even more, important than account’s name, Actually every ERP and accounting software that I know uses this code. How can I add this attribute to the doctype?

In the other hand, right now Colombia is in transition from local chart of accounts to IFRS standard (companies will have to work with both standards until 2018 inclusive), is the IFRS standard already include in ERPNext? If no, would be great that someone help us to get it in; this standard is used in at least 45 countries.



I am an accounantt, first time when you start working with ERPNext and look the chart of account without the code ID is strange, likely every accounting system than I know use code ID for accounts, This code is necessary for the system to recognize the structure of the chart of accounts.

You can try to add the account code id to the account name and you will get something like this:

Do NOT do it, is a really bad idea and a waste of time, when you need to refer to a acount in side the system you will find than ERPNext is designed to work with the account name and the code ID if not usefull at all.

It is just a matter of time using the system and you will find this way realy cool, you don’t need to remember tha 11-01-01-001-001 is Cash in local Corrency and 11-01-01-002-001 is Cash in foreing currency, you look look for Cash Local Currency and Cash foreing currency and not problem.

IFSR recomend than account in a Financial Report like the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) must be ordered by liquidity for IFSR for Pymes and for stability in Full IFSR, ERPNext order the accounts alphabetically, this is not cool, you need to export the report to csv and edit it, It could be cool a way to order the account in the report.

You can see the chart of account for Nicaragua:

Is a good aproach to IFRS for SMES and you can make your own with this sample.

Dear Nabinhait,

I am trying to prepare Spanish Chart of Accounts so that Spanish users can select this template in ERPNext using the base you already had done.

I am blank in accounting, but in this country, the Debtors and Creditors are under the same root “Acreedores y deudores por operaciones comerciales”!!

What type would be this root in this case? How can this be handled in ERPNExt?

Many thanks and kind regards,

@pagliaso if you provide to us a link to the Chart of Accounts than you want to import i can help you to make the json and commit into the github repo.

But I think you can use the Asset root type of accounts

Hi William,

That is a very kind offer, and I would be delighted if you could help me. Many thanks!

I have been wishing to update to v5 for months, to be able to create a Spanish chart of accounts and evaluate if we can use ERPNext for accounting in our case.

The chart that I am trying to use is the Spanish Plan General Contable Español para Pymes of the 2007.

I have two files in this public folder in hotmail. One is the chart of accounts in Excel format, and the other is the file that Nabinhait and the team ported from Odoo, with small modifications I did.
The changes I did were basically to set a type for the root accounts that didn’t have any yet, but I was not very sure to have done it correctly, as in this country what I think is the obvious way to organize the accounts, as ERPNext promotes, is not true, and we have under same root assets and liabilities (credits and debtors) which I don’t know what type of account give them.

Many thanks and kind regards,

I have just installed again and I am running ERPNext: v5.0.0-beta.
I noticed that Charts of Accounts have been divided into verified and unverified.
Which is a good thing.
I did not find is_chart_of_accounts.json that I submitted some time ago unverified or verified section of the code.
I copied the is_chart_of_accounts.json to the verified section and ran the wizard.
The wizard ran correctly and installed the Charts of Accounts without problems.
Not being a developer what do I have to do to get the is_chart_of_accounts.json verified?


I’m trying to build the l10n_fr account chart. I found this kind of entry in Odoo file

<record id="pcg_400" model="account.account.template">
    <field name="name">Fournisseurs et comptes rattachés </field>
    <field name="code">400</field>
    <field name="type">payable</field>
    <field name="user_type" ref="account.data_account_type_payable"/>
    <field name="parent_id" ref="pcg_40"/>
    <field name="reconcile" eval="True"/>

What should I do with the reconcile flag? Does ERPNext handle that?


@jbpin Check this:

Thanks @rmehta,

I see it but there is missing account_type and root_type as well as is_group.
BTW what is the rule for those?
Here is what I got when changing the script a bit.
What’s the difference between root_type and is_group ? Does root_type mean it’s a group?
Or is a group is only mandatory for leaf without children who can accept child?


Here is a quick help:

Hi Pagliaso,

Does finally worked the JSON file you provided for Spanish Accounting Chart ?

Thanks !

@angelsanchez Please send a pull request if it is generic enough for all type of Spanish users.

Hi Angel,

Yes, I had to do some modifications but at the end it worked.

Kind Regards,


Now you can contribute the chart of accounts for your country via Contribute Chart of Accounts for your country