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Hi Team,

I’ve created FrappeBench and have installed ERPNext on Ubuntu Server 14.04.

I’m creating a demo for a client that is a dealer for vehicles.

The dealer gets orders for vehicles on the demand side and gets vehicles dispatched by the manufacturer on the supply side.

Now, the vehicles that are coming needs to be allocated to the appropriate Sales Orders.

Since each vehicle is unique, we’ll need to track the serial numbers of the vehicles.

Once a vehicle is allocated to a particular Sales Order, the vehicle needs to go for registration with the appropriate RTO office.

So, the way I am approaching this is the following:

In the DocType “Serial No”, I have created a custom field called “Allocated To” and have selected Link as the Field type, with Sales Order" in the options. This part is easy and works as required.

Now, as soon as a Serial Number is allocated to a particular Sales Order, I want the corresponding “rto_office” field (I have created a mandatory Custom field in “Sales Order”) from the Sales Order to get fetched and populated to the Serial Number record.

Once this is done, it is easy to transfer the appropriate vehicles to the appropriate “Pre-Registration” warehouses of the appropriate RTO Offices.

What is the best way of accomplishing this?

I have tried Custom Script “cur_frm.add_fetch(‘Sales Order’, ‘rto_office’, ‘rto_office’)” in the Serial Number document, where RTO Office is a Custom field. Needless to state “RTO Office” is a custom field in “Sales Order” DocType and that part is getting populated without any problems. “RTO Office” is another custom field in “Serial No”.

Please help.



Did not get your question. You can make stock entries to change the warehouse.

This is for a vehicle dealer.

Installed FrappeBench. Let me see if I can summarize the question crisply.

“Sales Order” form has a Custom Field “RTO Office”. The Value in RTO Office is entered in at the time of booking the Sales Order, so please assume that an appropriate value is populated in this field.

“Serial No” form has two Custom Fields “Allocated To” and “RTO Office”

The field type for “Allocated To” is Link and the Options value is “Sales Order”. This part is working well and as intended. When I open a particular “Serial No” record, I’m able to choose the appropriate “Sales Order” to allocate the vehicle.

Once I do this, I want the “RTO Office” value in the Custom Field in the “Serial No” form to get auto populated from the corresponding “Sales Order” record. How to do this?

This is what I tried.

I have added a Custom Field “cur_frm.add_fetch(‘Sales Order’, ‘rto_office’, ‘rto_office’)” to the “Serial No” form, but it is not working.

Any suggestions as to the best way of accomplishing this?



Would really appreciate some advice/opinion on how to accomplish this.

Really hard to give advice without going deep into the various use-cases.

Can your project afford Developer Support

Project sure can. But I need to show a demo before I land the project and yes, it’s tough to justify the expense for a demo.



I think its best to use custom fields to mockup the demo. Detailed thinking can be done later.

Did you make the custom field mandatory? If so, I think a similar issue was overcome here:

It seems that making a custom link field mandatory stops the link working.

Hi Jayram,
If you need any kind of help in understanding scope of your client then we might help you. You don’t have to pay anything to us. We will help you in explaining ERPNext application to your client.

Hi Kanhaiya,

My focus is to show a demo with some bells and whistles and add on the
bells and whistles at the time of the project.

I think I am very comfortable with the functionality of ERPNext for this

There are more interesting projects in Manufacturing that I definitely
would need to involve Web Notes Technologies.

Thanks for checking.


@JayRam - FYI @kanhaiya is not with Web Notes, but an independent service provider.

Yes @JayRam . We are independent service provider. I do not belong to Web Notes team.