Help on Quantity and Rate on BOM

Can someone explain to me what is the rate in the BOM section. It refers me to the costins section…but this is non-editable when contructing the BOM?

“Total Cost” means “Total” amount of Raw Material

For Example- “Item1” Required Three raw materials

1.Raw_ Mat 1 , qty=2 ,Rate=20 , Amount=40
2.Raw_Mat2, qty=1 , Rate=10 ,Amount= 10
3.Raw_Mat3, qty=3 ,Rate= 30 Amount= 90

Then “Total Cost”,“Total Raw Material cost” become(40+10+90)= 140

Rate of material is based on "Valuation Rate or Last Purchase Rate or Price List

  1. If “Price List” is define for Raw material in Master ,then it will be automatically fetched as “Rate” when you select respective Item.

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