Subcontracting flow issue

I am stuck with subcontracting again
i have an item - sm-fc-01-01-prt — this is also an bom with the following process saved as item
sm-fc-01-ctl-wip - saved as item - goes to subcontract A for processing
sm-fc-01-gbb-wip - saved as item - goes to subcontract B for processing
sm-fc-01-haz-wip - saved as item - goes to subcontract C for processing

while raising a purchase order 1
i select BOM sm-fc-01-01-prt
i select the supplier A
i give it a rate - (rate gets saved in standard buying)
i save
while raising purchase order 2
i select BOM sm-fc-01-01-prt
i select the supplier B
i give it a rate
i save
wont there be a conflict in rate
since supplier A does cutting and charges Inr 6
wheras supplier B does painting and charges INR 100

how am i to handle this scenario
or is it that for every process, i need to create a separate BOM
for cutting
for painting
please help

I tried the above scenario of creating a BOM individually for all the process involved
I have created a pricelist2016 and have given the prices for all the items
but in bom the prices are not changing even though I click the update button

In PO-1 will be against the item code which is after cutting and the rate should be 6, the cutting charges. And you will send the item (before cutting) as raw materials to the supplier A. Now, after received the item after cutting, you should make a Purchase Receipt.

And then when you send the item (after cutting) to supplier B for painting, you will make a PO-2 against the item, which you will receive after painting. And the rate in the PO will be 100.

In the process you need to make 2 BOMs, for those 2 process.

Dear Nabinhait
Thanks a lot for the reply
I have been sitting on this for the last 4 days hitting a dead end
I did separate bom for all the process
but there is a new issue coming in
let me explain with an example
my item is SM-FC-01-01-PRT — this item has got process that goes out for subcontracting
they are the following
SM-FC-RM - Raw Material - price 50
SM-FC-01-CTL-WIP - Goes to A for cutting - price 6
SM-FC-01-CNC-WIP - Goes to B for CNC - price 100
SM-FC-01-ANZ-WIP - Goes to C for Anodoizing - price 35
I make the following BOM ( I get the Prices of items from Pricelist)
Material - SM-FC-RM qty 1 price 50
Material - SM-FC-01-CTL-WIP qty 1 price 6
Material - SM-FC-01-CNC-WIP qty 1 price 100

Here after creating the above Bom’s, I have 2 issue
one is
after I do a cost update, all above Bom’s are showing the rate as 50 ( bom1 rate is getting applied for all the above bom’s)
second is
item SM-FC-01-ANZ-WIP , what should be the bom
Please help me on this issue

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