Help to implement my website

Dear Sir,

I have Computer Store and i want help to setup my website , i ply with defult pages and now its not appear .

any help with photos to explain me ?


Website - ERPNext Manual

Advance Web Development

ERPNext Based Website Examples

I read this document before i wrote this case

please see this

there are limited resource in erp next system only this website wrote about it .

please give me solution to solve this problem


The pages not appearing in website but when i write full address it shows

if there is good example for computer store website please show me the Label & other configurations

to help me and other start us ERP Next

I appreciate your support.

No body repaly to me :disappointed_relieved:

@Dhiyab Did you check this link ?

You can create your web pages and link it to website menu.

If you want custom website, you can add your css and js in your app,

Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Dear Kolate,

thank you for replay but i read this and i do same

the custom web pages not appearing but if i type full address appearing I dont know where the problem

if you see up i sent screenshot for the problem

Please help


ok, please send screen shot.

Dear Kolate,

My template website is you can have look

when I chose Website Theme Standerd the page not apearing and then i custom it its same problem

kindly see my drawing the label not appearing

when i do custom or stranded label and save its save but when i login after some time not appearing

Please give your advise and not send ERP Manual because i read it and i make same and still not solve the problem

or there is a way to restore only website to default same as when i install erp next?


Dear @kolate_sambhaji

Good Day for you

today when i want to check the Label that i created yesterday its not saved and not appearing in system and I am sure save what i created before how that happen???