Hi, Please share the steps to install erpnext 7

Hi, Please share the steps to install erpnext 7.


Refer to the Hitchhikers Guide , and try:

bench get-app --branch version-7.2.9 erpnext

at the appropriate step… The chances of this working will depend on your ability to craft a working operating environment for that version. There may also be Docker options.

I may be worthwhile to describe the reason for wanting to install version 7 rather than the latest.

Hi Smino,

Actually I wanted to upgradr erpnext 7 to 13, i tried but erpnext 7 got corrupted, now i am reinstalling erpnext 7 and then restoring the backup

You need to take one step upgrade at a time. There is huge difference between V7 db and functions vs V13. Try to move to next version and then next. Dont jump to V13 or even V11 directly. Go V7>V8>V9 and so forth.

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Hi smino,

I checked out but it looks v7 is under stale category, even I can able to clone using

bench get-app --branch version-7.2.9 erpnext

Thanks smino, I really appreciate for your help

Thanks Muzzy, but now I am stuck in installing erpnext version 7.

Your frappe should be V7 to have V7 ERPNext. Try this.Install frappe version 7 first. The use this command. Also you need to be on older Ubuntu. The latest Ubuntu installed python 3 which will not work for V7. I think frappe started using python 3 from V11.

sudo python2 install.py --production --user {user_name} --version 7 --site {site_name} --mysql-root-password {password} --admin-password {password} --verbose

You can try this if it helps.

See comments section for the method.

Good luck. Not an easy task.