Hiding default modules

I created a user for one role ( website manager) and I hided all modules on setting ( MODULES ACCESS ), I noticed even if you disable all modules there is few default modules you will not be able to disable them .


  • Contacts
  • HR
  • Learn
  • Desk
  • Website

is there any way to disable these?

Thank you,16 PM

You need to set blocked field to 1 from Desktop Icon doctype then reload

BTW This doctype is not searchable by the user
You can make this change using query

update `tabDesktop Icon` set blocked=1 where type='module' and module_name='Contacts';

You need to login as ADMINISTRATOR and go to DEVELOPER module. On my case, I would like to hide the SELLING submenu on the left.
Click on Module Def and change the setting:

That’s it…

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Isn’t this only change the domain of the module?
When the domain selected is Distribution then the module Selling will show up again, right?

I can’t see a ‘Restrict to Domain’ field there.