Home page as default page


While playing around with ERPNext, I’m trying to set default page as home page ( website - setup - website setting - ) but login page comes as default always. Can anyone suggest the way around?


  1. Go to the Web Page List and select the web page you want to use as
  2. Copy the PAge Name field content.
  3. Go to Website Settings and paste in the field Home Page.


Did same earlier also but no luck. Even when I create a new page and then try to set as home page, its getting saved but still login page comes as default.


update home page and try this command

sudo supervisorctl reload
sudo service nginx reload

I have same problem, may be there is some issue related to v5.

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Just tested this on my local. worked fine.
@kolate_sambhaji does this problem replicate in your local system ?

@neilLasrado Yes, I have same problem in v5 while setting home page to index.
This is solved by doing sudo service nginx reload

@pdvyas can you check.

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@neilLasrado just tested on developer machine.
To apply website setting/change home page, we need to restart server.

@kolate_sambhaji Thx you. After restarting server, it works now.



I have the same problem, but on the cloud version. check my other post.