Hosting in the EU for ERPNext

could anyone recommend a good hosting service in the EU to install ERPNext? Would be great to hear from someone who has already done this.


Does that mean you don’t like AWS? It works great on AWS.

Do you have any regulatory requirement to host within the EU?



AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, and Linode all have availability zones or data centers in the EU.

Also, ERPNext Cloud is hosted with ERPNext Hosted Server locations

From the information I gathered, we need to self host in order to modify files on the server side and customize certain features, which can’t be done if not on a 100 users plan. We are a very small company though, so it would probably make more sense to find a good hosting service and get ERPNext installed…?
We want the server to be in the EU for data privacy reasons.

Regarding AWS, I don’t have any experience with it!

What features? If its anything to do with manufacturing, chances are that it will be a few months and the Frappe cloud will do everything that you’d want for a manufacturing application.

Like @felix posted you have a whole bunch of options for hosting in the EU.

AWS has a free tier model, almost free for a year and it works wonderfully well. If things go smoothly, you will have ERPNext up and running within 30 minutes.

Hope this helps.



BTW: Do you know we have an ERPNext conference in Frankfurt in a few days. It would be great if you could participate.

At the moment the main customization we need is a print format that groups items / variants in a specific way (grouped by template). I’ve been told this can only be accomplished modifying files on the server side or I’d happily stick to the 1 user plan on the ERPNext cloud for now…

@umair would you please comment if a self host is necessary for the described feature?



@gio-avk if you are concerned with data-privacy we can offer you a cloud hosted instance on our own server. If not you could get a managed or root server from hetzner, 1&1 etc and set it up yourself.

@dominik Thanks, I’ll send you an email today.