How are included projects documented to show license requirements are met?

Hi, continuing the discussion from Upcoming UI Release:

How exactly are the icons from the Noun Project used, and where are the files physically? I tried finding them out of curiosity, and to help me understand the project structure. I searched /home/frappe/frappe-bench/… for *.png and *.jpg files, but it wasn’t obvious which files, if any, were from the Noun Project.

My motivation is also to understand how I can confirm legal requirements of included projects have been met. I am implementing ERPNext in a large organization, and will face legal questions when I move implementation beyond a proof-of-concept skunk-works project.

It seems from the Noun Project website that project icons are licensed individually by the designer, although it seemed a “commercial commons with attribution” license was generally available. How can I know which files have been taken from the Noun Project, and also that each of their license requirements have been met? E.g. Is there an attribution list I have missed somewhere?

What is the general plan for documenting compliance? Not being able to demonstrate compliance can be a show-stopper for me (it will be, if only someone asks and I don’t have a complete and concise answer).

On a possibly related topic, could you please clarify the current strategy for the User Guide. There is an invitation to submit pull requests, but the link to the source files (content?) is not correct now.

Thanks so much for ERPNext, I am constantly amazed by its functionality, the team obviously has a good intuitive grasp on enterprise system requirements to have made so many inherently-correct design decisions!


That is a very old discussion. I guess we tried adding noun project icons, but finally just used font awesome, so we are not using noun project anymore.

There used to be there at one point, no idea why it got removed.

Did a scan through the project and added it back:

Thanks #rmehta for clarifying. Could you please include a similar file for v4? (I searched for files named like “attribution” in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/ but didn’t find anything).

Also, does the location of the v5 file imply that there is no third-party code in erpnext or the shopping_cart apps (for both v4 and v5)?


@Dale_Scott, ERPNext is clean (and we have merged shopping cart back in ERPNext in v5)

V4 list shoud be same. If you do a code search for the “copyright” string, you should get the list.