How can I access ERPNext sites in the Multi-tenancy mode

If you have site1.local and site2.local how this will work and what is the URL will be used if you have a domain called
I need clear steps for the Multi-tenancy mode when install Multi-site, specially when working in virtual machines like VMware or VirtualBox

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Thank you, @Tech_Hack_IT
I have this scenario, please do video for it and update me
registered domain name (example: pointing to home server with NoIP and the home server setup is Ubuntu under virtual machine “VirtualBox” and I need to make multi-tenancy mode for site1.local and site2.local
Now I’m in port mode and the issue, I can not install the SSL to secure the site.

By the way I saw your videos, and it is not clear in the above described issue and also the music track you have is very noisy :smiley:

Any help for the above topic

Access to multitenancy is by domain not port. There are 2 alternatives:

  1. Create the site the same name as the domain (and subdomain) name. e.g and,
    and/or (you can mix):
  2. Add domain to the site with command
bench add-domain --site $SITENAME $DOMAINNAME

And if I’m not mistaken, you need to install nginx

bench setup nginx

Do above command after any change in domain or site name and reload.

bench setup reload-nginx

The site will be accessible via http and port 80.
Install SSL to the domain name (not the site name) and access the site via the domain name (on port 443).


Thank you @rahy
I’ll give it a try and come back to you