Multitenant for daugther companies

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My server-
ERPNext V13.20.1
Frappe 13.20.1

Would like multitenant setup.
Commands to consider-
bench config multi-tenant on
bench new-site
bench --site [site] install-app erpnext

I read many docs on multitenancy but the one closest to what I want seem

Here is what I want

Not sure if I understood @rahy in his post that I listed above, but the way I see
it I must-

bench config multi_tenant on

bench new-site
bench --site install-app erpnext

and then

bench new-site
bench --site install-app erpnext

bench setup nginx
bench setup reload-nginx

Just want to confirm that I am correct before I try it.

Thank you Sir/Madam

Yes you are correct.
But now I prefer to do the 2nd option:

bench new-site
bench --site install-app erpnext
bench setup add-domain --site

the same for woodword.
and the same for bench setup nginx and reload it.

This way you can add more domain name to the same site without being confused with the site name, e.g you can add

Good day @rahy, trust you are having a great day

I understand what you are saying and thank you for your time.

Just some feedback @rahy

I implemented it yesterday … and all is good.

All that remains is for me to clarify how to implement encryption with letsencrypt.
I have done letsencrypt on a single instance … but now …with subdomains ??

But I do not want to have the thread split to another subject … I shall make another post.

Thank you Sir

Following doc cover suring site using LetsEncrypt or custom SSL for bench sites.

Feel free to open another thread (optionally if) you don’t find solution from documentation or previous posts from this forum.