How can i import users with role "Employee"?

I want to import list of users in to ERPNext directly. And all users should have user role as “Employee”. I tried to import and it was successful but role is not coming as well.

How can i import users with user roles ?

This is because the “role” is not imported via the template of User. Only a check, “Has Role” is imported. Alternatively, the “Role Profile” is importable.
So, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a Role Profile, say “Emp” with the role, “Employee” selected:

  1. Next, in the data import template for User, save “Emp” in role profile for the users whom you want to give Employee role.

  2. Do the import. The users created would have this role profile and by extension, the role, Employee.

Hope this helps…


@jaichavan Thanks for the help. But i’m not able to open desk. Look like Desk Acess is not given. How can i add that too ?

@jaichavan Yes Now i’m getting desk view when i added “Role Profile” as you said along with “Has Role” as Employee. But there is a new problem. i’m not getting Leave Application, Salary Slip and all for those employees. Is it possible to enable that through user import ?

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