Not able to see Leave Application, Salary Slip and all for imported Users


I’m trying import users in bulk with help of excel sheet. Imported users getting desk view when i added “Role Profile” as Emp which i created with role Employee and added “Has Role” as Employee.

But there is a new problem. i’m not getting Leave Applications, Salary Slip and all for those employees.

Is it possible to enable that through user import ?

So you have also imported Leave Applications, Salary Slip, or know and expect these to be present?

If a doctype is not visible or to be found best to eliminate permissions as the source of the problem.

To login as Administrator will help sort out permissions issues.

@clarkej i didn’t get you. What i am asking is user who is added by user import is not able to add new leave application and not able to see Salary Slip and all. How can i enable it while i’m importing users itself ??

I have no clue whether or what specific ‘enabling flags or switches’ a given doctype may or may not have. To possibly find out you could first create and export a test trial set of for eg User, Leave Application and Salary Slip doctype data, and check the export data for clues.

But regardless be mindful doctypes have an import order dependency (since they refer to eachother) check this Migrating sales history with serial numbers