How can I replace the default website with a Wordpress site?

I have been using the “Easy Install” method with the script in my GCP account and my instances have been working out great recently. I never liked the default website that the install script created so with the changes in the most recent version of the script I have been electing to skip creating the website.

So now I want to figure out how to use a Wordpress site to be my front-end website because a Wordpress site is so easy for the average user to maintain and would make a great front-end to the overall system.

I am NOT a website builder, and do not fully understand how the built-in ERPNext website works. I do know how to set up a Wordpress site on my server and was wondering if there is an easy way to use it in place of the default ERPNext website with it’s very plain home page?

ERPNext uses a non-standard way of deploying it’s website, maybe because most of the apache2 or nginx resources are focused serving up the ERPNext application? :thinking: I am not sure. I do not understand how the resources are allocated and how the default site runs without interfering with the ERPNext application. That makes it difficult for the casual website person to figure out how to change anything. Everything seems so closely woven together for ERPNext that I could not figure out how replace just the front-end website.

Has anyone done this before? Or am I opening pandora’s box if I try to do this?
Any pointers (or warnings :fearful: ) would be greatly appreciated.


WordPress is not really an ecommerce site, otherwise if you want a WordPress site you can just host it without integration.
This was the last discuss I read about Woocommernce connector

Oh and these guys claim to have a connector

Yeah, not sure how I would keep that working. I am not interested in the WooCommerce part. I just want to use Wordpress as the front-end site display instead of the default site. In order to do that I would need to figure out how to host it along side the ERPNExt application.

I guess you may be right though. Even if I setup the Wordpress site as the company website, the owners would probably eventually want the WooCommerce part to be integrated so they could sell their items online. My current clients would not really care. They cannot cost-effectively ship most of their items anyway due to current shipping regulations. However, if I were to setup up Wordpress for them, other clients would probably want me to take it further.

Right now, my clients that do online sales have all of the orders sent to a person or persons responsible for packing and shipping them. Those people also re-enter the order into their ERP systems manually as they work on processing the order for shipment. At this point, none of my clients wanted that process to be automated. That would probably change though if I gave them an easy way to manage their website (like Wordpress).

I guess the next logical question would be: “Has anyone used the jamalinfo plugin successfully?”


The best and easiest option is to use sub domain for your ERPNext install. i.e: and can be used for your WordPress install. This setup would easily allow you to integrate in the future.
You could also use domain masking but that’s only good for SEO purposes and not ideal for ERP software access.

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We use WordPress for our public site and the use a plugin called popup builder to provide access to ERPNext where clients would need access like lead generation and support. Our ERPNext site is a subdomain but to keep them on our main site this plugin allows us that flexibility.

Link here for popup builder:


Great idea!! Thank you for the pointer. I will now have to go play with this configuration and see how I might make it work for me.

I really like you idea with using the pop-up plugin. Great use of existing work.


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My experience has been that you can pretty much deliver a seamless experience albeit in a popup window…

Did you install on same host. if yes how did you install it.

I want to install Erpnext on subdomain domain ( and wordpress on main domain ( on same VPS. Is it possible?

Possible? Yes.

Recommended? No.

I would keep them separate. There is too much risk with dependency problems.

We install on the same host I see no harm in this if you are installing ERPNext as a cloud host as long as you follow the recommend security parameters. By using the plugin we are able to keep clients on the same branded site their experience is that its the same site however all communication actually comes from so they will eventually end up on the ERPNext site but this often happens after they become a client. The specific parts we use the popup builder plugin are support and contact us.

Shared LDAP based users for erpnext and wordpress can also be configured.

For based server configure LDAP for WordPress Simple LDAP Login – WordPress plugin | and on frappe refer How to configure LDAP server for Frappe / ERPNext

Easy for beginner setup using yunohost.

  1. setup yunohost on a minimum recomended server for mail/wordpress (server 1)
  2. on this yunohost server add domains,,
  3. setup letsencrypt or other certificate from yunohost admin console for above domains
  4. setup frappe on separate server with site and install ssl e.g. sudo bench setup lets-encrypt (server 2)
  5. Configure A Names, C Names, MX, TXT as required for
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Another option, add your website in the ERPNext Website Module :slight_smile:

how can we achieve that?

YES that would be best i suppose , as the dependencies would be taken care of!
please suggest how to go about doing that .
any guidelines or materials will also help…
willing to do the legwork , just please point me in the right direction.