How do I create a fixed asset with a serial number? Is this supported?

I’ve been trying to sort this out, but I haven’t been successful. What I want to do is create fixed assets for Mowers, Computers, etc - each of these machines have serial numbers (and support contracts linked to them). When I try to create the initial item to be used as the asset, ticking the box “fixed asset” immediately hides the serial number fields. There’s another thread about this, but it’s gone ignored for some time.

I’ve also opened a GitHub issue Creation of Serialized Fixed Assets not Working in v13 · Issue #25890 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Looking back, it looks like this is expected to work - so I’m questioning if I’m doing something wrong or if this is indeed a regression / bug. Can someone help validate that they’re able to create a fixed asset with a serial or that this isn’t how serial numbers are intended to be used for Assets?

I even went so far as to try modifying the Item DocType, but I don’t think I understand what needs to be changed to make it work!

I also wanted to add I’ve tried this on the latest Dev branch, as well as 13.4 and 13.5 releases.

Are other people not doing this? How are you tracking fixed assets?

Not to keep dragging this up - but I get the feeling either nobody else is doing this OR I’m just dumb and nobody wants to tell me. Haha. Seriously, though. Hey @prasadr can you help track this down? Or at least confirm that I’m crazy and missed something simple?

I am in the same boat,

Still can’t find an answer?

How about this workaround?:

Create as many virtual warehouses as you required for your Fixed Assets. Setup your Fixed Assets as Stock Items and Drop it into these virtual warehouses. Set up the account in the Warehouses as a Stock Account, but actually add it under the Fixed Assets Group Account in the Chart of Accounts.

Revalue the stocks manually to charge it to the depreciation account.

It’s not perfect, but it helps you get going. Hopefully!



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checked the latest code v13.7, seems already support item as asset with serial no., in serial no master there is referenced asset field also. please kindly check in the latest version.

hi @szufisher - the behavior still exactly the same as original post. I just tested with the latest version 13.8.0.

The same issue over here. I also need to track the fixed assets with their serial numbers.

I have found a semi work around for this. Check it out here:

If a google-translation won’t work to make it understandable send me a message :slight_smile:


Thank you for thinking along @wojosc!

I currently have fixed it with a custom DocType attached to the item. Again, not ideal, but it works for now.

I think it would be better to link it to the Asset - or maybe both. But I need to figure this out when I have some time.

I’ve seen that the Github request by OP @Jimmie was closed. So I don’t think that we should expect any decent solution for this issue in the near future… unfortunately. Bizarre as I’m quite sure that we are not the only ones that need to keep track of assets with a serial number.

HI @pedro_vde

I think the really tricky part is actaually the accounting happening in the backround where stock and assets need to be seperated. Though I could see there beeing a “asset-stock” which can not just be moved in any other stock. Maybe this would isolate the accounting problem?

setting serials should be to much of a problem though except for the matter, that serials need the “is stock” setting on item level. I am with you here…serial option should be available for stock AND Asset items…

hopefully @nabinhait and his team will come up with a good idea here. As there is already an asset field (hidden) inside serial no there seems to be some movement (some where) :slight_smile:


Fully support your idea.

Hi guys, I was looking for this answer with v14.

What if I simply add a unique custom field to the Asset doctype :man_shrugging:

What am I missing? I know it cant be that simple. @szufisher @pedro_vde @Jimmie

That is exactly how I ended up in v13. A custom field for the serial number.

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