Serialized Assets

Hello, Maybe this is something that use to work, but is no loner working… but I am unable to create serialized assets. I was able to modify custom scripts and overwrite the ones in the core, but even if i overwrite them. I am unable to generate serial no’s from purchase receipt to be created, and they are not showing in “serial no”. Here is the workflow …

  1. Created custom script in Item master to overwrite the ‘is_fixed_asset’ data field allowing ‘has_serial_no’ to be checked.

  2. Able to create a fixed asset, with a ‘serial no’ manually within the ‘serial no’ doctype.

  3. Created a purchase receipt to simulate receiving inventory, and checking them by entering serial numbers from a packing slip. ( ability to check packing slip ‘serial’ with physical serial by scanning with a barcode scanner.

  4. after entering serial no in the purchase receipt, unable to populate asset with serial no .

anyone have any ideas?


Sr Numbers for Assets is a crucial requirement. It is heart breaking to see discussions mentioning the availability of the feature in old version whereas in my v12 I see it not working.


Has there been any update on this? I found on GitHub that this functionality was introduced back in 2018 via However, using the latest Develop branch I’m unable to create fixed assets with serial numbers. Once ticking the box for is_fixed_asset the serial and batch section is hidden.

I added a new Issue Creation of Serialized Fixed Assets not Working in v13 · Issue #25890 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub - I included a screen capture to show the behavior. Hopefully this is something simple to fix!

For grins and giggles, I thought I’d test this on the latest release (in case it was something similar to how the develop branch can’t do certain things).

I have reproduced the same issue using:
ERPNext: v13.4.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.4.0 (version-13)

Is it possible I’m going about creating assets wrong? I need to create a fixed asset with a serial number. These are Computers and other forms of machinery. Otherwise, how can we differentiate them? Someone weigh in here - if there’s something I’m missing I’m all for learning!


I have found a semi work around for this. Check it out here:

If a google-translation won’t work to make it understandable send me a message :slight_smile: