How do I get a value of other doytype

For some reason, the quotation number of the supplier quotation is not linked to the purchase order. It makes in my view sense to put this value into the print format of the PO.
How can I create a field that gets from the linked supplier quotation the quotation number?
I tried with a link field, but I only managed to get the different supplier quotations as options not the quotation number.

I would be very thankful for any help


Take a look at Doctype Sales Order and its field customer_name, it fetches the customer name from its customer field like customer.customer_name

So in your case I would:

Create a Data field named supplier_quotation_number in the Purchase Order Doctype and the “Fetch from” would be ref_sq.quotation_number

The other stuff like Read Only you can copy the customer_name field in Sales Order


How I can do this is my question!
If I create a data datafield and enter ref_sq.quotation_number It does not refere to this field, but creates a


If I take a link field it only gets the series number and not my qoute number:




Supplier Quotation is already available on Purchase Order. If you want to print it, you can get it from the Purchase Order Item Child Table.


Divyesh Mangroliya

I must say unfortunatelly I do not understand what I am supposed to do? I do not finde the Purchase Order Item doctype, and I do not finde it in the Format print. I do not want it only to print I want it also visable in the doctype PO


You can check the linked supplier quotation on Connection tab of Purchase order:


Divyesh M.

So either I did not understand you or maybe the terms are a bit different in your system.
I know where the linked supplier Quotation is, in your screenshot it says Purchase Order Item in my only Purchse Order. I thought it is a different doctype, that I did not find. (I have ERPNext 15)

However in my PO i do not have the Supplier Quotation:

This video explains it for version 15

I don’t know, but as far as I understand, he’s just doing the same I showed you in the second post. I went to customization, get a Data field and fetch from Supplier Quotation - > The quotation number (Data). Seems to me exactly the same, and straight forward, but does not work in my system. I’m a bit desperate, because I tried so much. Yes, I also logged in refreshed data, everything I could think off.

I would really appreciate if somebody could help me find my issue. It must be my problem. I think many use this feature. Thank you very much.