How to add a custom link to Desk?

Is there a way to add a card which behaves as a shortcut (to any external url) in the Desk (erpnext 12)?
Let’s say once a user clicks on this “Portal Spa” it takes you an external link, is that doable?

Hi, in v14 with the new desk yes

Can you explain further? With a screenshot that would help.

@SamSam you can’t customize desktop in erpnext 12 . but there may be a tricky way .
open erpnext/erpnext/config/ . here you will find all the cards . scroll down to the buttom and copy the last one . category must be places . type is link . in the link it’s important to add https://. here are some screenshots

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No longer working after the update, it is showing here:

But NOT showing in the desk:

This how I did it:

And yes, I did bench migrate.

So… why? :-/

it worked after rebooting bench

And now how can this be achieved in erpnext v13? there’s no in this location and the “Shortcut” doesn’t allow external links.

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I’m also searching for a solution, this still shows in current docs (with a warning about Frappe v12)