How to add css file report?

I want to apply the background color in the report. Depends on a value.

For example;
I have a column that column contains the day details like Monday, Friday ... Saturday, Sunday

if a row contains Saturday I want to make the complete row background color red how to do that?

Here the othere reference dodcumentation I refred


  • Is there any way to add .css file in report
  • Is there any event is there to customize a report UI
  • Is there any way to add a select field in a report?

Please if anyone have Idea or documentation please share.

@Antony_Praveenkumar you can’t add css files to report . even if you can it’s gonna be difficult to target some specific cells that has Saturday . you can use the methods mentioned there , they works perfectly .
I don’t understand 2nd question . you can add select field in filter sections .

I don’t want to in filter section, I want to make it in cell

The second question is, The onload will work in the report im asking is there any other event is there same like onload. which means after rendering the all the cells?