How to add Sub-Domain?

I have a site ( I wanted to run this as a hostname how I can do it…!

I already did multi-tenant setup when I’m run this site this will show me welcome to nginx

after that I run ( the login page will appear but how I can remove this 8000 port only run the ERP on ( any suggestion.?

check this guide i have included steps to add custom domain after installation during setting up of SSL

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Thanks @Aditya_Bagarka for reply i try this but in this file ( sudo nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/frappe-bench.conf) i could not find anything it’s blank right now.

have you followed all the steps through? i tried a new setup today for a friend and it worked fine

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@Vaibhav_Parmar It seems you are running the application in development mode
Try to run it in production mode and the 8000 will go away

sudo bench setup production frappe

For Stopping Production and starting Development

bench disable-production
bench start
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yes, I tried the steps but actually, I had some existing collective data on my ERP server so the steps will work only if the server with a fresh installation.

Hello @Mohammed_Redha,
Thanks for the reply but the server is already in production mode now I set the domain but I used to 8000 port for the login page or entering in ERP. I want to remove the port and only set the domain to run the server.

You just need to set your site nginx port 80.

Follow below steps to change nginx port:

bench set-nginx-port sitename 80
bench setup nginx
Sudo service nginx reload

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