How to change e logo and frappe desktop in title?

i want to Change the e logo and frappe desktop in browser title ?
how to achieve this
but without losing changes in updates

Please read this


If you are talking about below icon then that can be changed by using uploading a favicon icon in website settings in the More Information Section.

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thank you but i was talking about the logo in screen middle
and about whitelabel in general

I think white-labeling is morally wrong since it is deceptive to the user. Someone wants to white-label because the want to hide that they are selling free software. Also white-labelers don’t end up contributing anything back (I can confirm this based on experience).


White-labeling dilutes the spirit of open source community, let the end users know that they are using a open source software with premium features and endless possibilities. We have provided ERPNext services to our clients as it is, they were very happy about it.


What’s wrong with the current E? It’s so simple and beautiful!


there is nothing wrong and yes it’s beautiful
i just was thinking about make employee feels that they are in our company system it’s kind of branding
now they say for ex: i’ll add the task in erpnext not i’ll add the task in company system
so that i think about white-labeling thats all
and i have no problem to continue with current logos and under erpnext name.
and to be honest after i test more than 6 erp system erpnext is the best


You can change both icons from apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/images
& you can change “Frappe Desk” title from apps/frappe/frappe/www/desk.html


do i have to repeat this step every time i update erpnext ?

Agreed. Anyone that wants to make it their own should be obligated to fork the source and build their own support network and infrastructure to support their own branded open source package. The open source community is always better off with a point of focus when building something. The branding and logo are part of that focus for us.



@fatheyabdelslam No.

put this code in /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/conf.js
and replace this line ($(’.navbar-home’).html(’<img class=“erpnext-icon” src="’…)

var Company_logo =‘/assets/erpnext/images/erp-icon.svg’{
method: “”,
args: { “current_user”: frappe.session.user },
callback: function (r) {
if (r.message!=‘’) {
$(‘.navbar-home’).html(‘<img class=“erpnext-icon” src="’ +
frappe.urllib.get_base_url() + String(r.message) +‘" //>’);
$(‘.navbar-home’).html(“<img class=“erpnext-icon” src=”’ +
frappe.urllib.get_base_url() + String(Company_logo) + '" //>");



Have you done the same thing with your company’s operating systems and office software? Would you like to hear instead of “creating a Word or excel document” "create a white page with writing or create a page with tables and formulas?

Other than white-labelling and selling the software for no one’s benefit I don’t see any reason to change logos.

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after update when we update bench error of modification

We are not looking to hide that we are using ERPnext, but we have users who work on multiple companies. There is NOTHING on desktop or header to indicate what company is being shown. As some companies share suppliers and customers we have had transactions missposted.

How can we provide visual indication ideally with words and colors of which company is being shown? Would be great to be able to choose background color, have Company show up next to the E in header and have favicon in browser tab be company logo derivative.


This is a completely valid concern and deserves more attention.


@tonto @MartinHBramwell if you want to change the logo in browser use below code with your png file in hooks.
website_context = {
“favicon”: “/assets/erpnext/images/yourlogo”,
“splash_image”: “/assets/erpnext/images/yourlogo

Before that import you image into /assets/erpnext/images/*



What is the path to get to:

  • hooks
  • assets

(sorry for iggarance)

@MartinHBramwell Hooks - nano frappe-bench/apps/yourappname/yourappname/
Assests - cd frappe-bench/sites/assests/erpnext/images/