How to check which internal department has been issued the material

Hi All,

There will be instances, where material will be issued to various internal department for different purposes.
R&D for some research and development activity, Quality for some regular checks etc…
Now when I make a material issue, how can I input, which internal department has the material been issued, so that when I make a Stock ledger at the end of month, I know, who has been issued what and when.

Right now there is only option of material issue and not option to add to which particular department.

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Waiting for this feature for a long time .

Hi @abhijaps ,

Jut go with following links,you will come to know

Yeah, I had already checked these 2 topics before, but still doesn’t answer my query.
It may be relevant in a manufacturing company, to know, which department was issued what material.

Right now to be more specific, we are making a sales Order in the name of that department, and then making a delivery note. Which is a wrong process considering material issued internally.

But using material issue is not solving my purpose as I cannot know which department was the material issues to.

You can add a custom link field of department on your issue document and make it mandatory and create a report.

Thanks Pawan, that was quite helpful