How to complete ERPNext - Bitnami VPS environment

I installed a VPS automatically configured by ISP with ERPNext.
This seems to be a Bitnami application.
Now I only find the English language, USA country, USA Time Zones, USA currency, etc.
Where can I download the other settings to complete the configuration?

Thanks in advance.

“Where can I download the other settings to complete the configuration?”

What instructions are you following or have you screenshot to give context here?

If you have no error traceback then likely you are ‘complete’

Use the bench easy install over bitnami.

As I wrote, I did not install a Bitnami application, but a VPS already configured with ERPNext.
Bitnami was used by my ISP. :wink:
Perhaps my problems are due to the fact that my ERPNext is already partially configured.

Now I managed to configure language. Time Zone, etc.
But as I wrote in this post, I still have not been able to activate the Italian Charts of Accounts.